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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hairs :)

I love the way her hair curves on the side of her face!
This hairstyle is called the Vintage Chic. I would Love to actually 
be able to do this with my hair.. maybe ill try it soon.

Ugh ! I want to do this with my hair and make it
actually look like this. I did try it about a year ago, but
it did not look as good!! This is just the side cornrow.
This is just so cute!! I want someone to just invite me to a 
1920s themed party so I can go all out!! Not a bad idea
for my next birthday theme maybe.. lol 
Love the hairstyles in this and just the whole look. 
I have tried to do this waterfall braid probably about a million
times but i can never get it right. i have watched videos and seen 
other tutorials and it just... no. i feel that with very dark brown hair like 
mine, you cant really see it as well as with blonde hair.

And that is some hairstyles that I fancy!!
Hope that you liked them to!!
let me know what your fav. hairstyles are!!!

Maria Isabel

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