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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Make Up :)

Hello !! So today I decided to post some of my favorite 
eye shadows and lip stick combinations that I use on a regular basis !!

First, I apply my foundation and my powder

Then, I apply my top coat of eye shadow, which is really light and has a bit
of shine to it. 

I really like using the Revlon Photo Ready Eye Shadow.
It looks very pretty and it pretty much tells you where to apply it !! 

Instead of adding the more gray color to the crease of my eyelid, I like to
put it on the outsides and a bit on the crease. 

Then, I put the more brown color in the middle part. Just like a rectangular shape.
Then the more pink color on the inside of my eye and right below my eyebrows. 

Then, i apply black liquid eyeliner. The Revlon one works really well, and the brush 
is very steady to use.

I dont do it too thick. I like to only do a thin line right on my eyelid. 

This is just to make my eyes look bold.

I Then use the Maybelline Rocket mascara. It doesn't clump up and the brush has
thin fibers so its also easy to apply on the top as well.   

Mascara, to me is the most important thing, because it makes your eyes pop!!

I then use Milani Bronzer. I don't like to put blush on because the eye shadow and blush
make for too much, so I put bronzer on and its not too dark and adds just a bit of color. 

Then, my favorite lipsticks would be this bright red one from Revlon! I like this 
for nights and it goes really good with black and white tops !!

or for more delicate, I love this Kardashian Khroma Nude lipstick with lip gloss. 
They taste really gross, but i love how they look. 

I use this mostly for school and work. And it makes the whole make up lighter.

Or this NYC light pink for just a bit of color !!

And that is my usual make up for everyday!! I hope that you 
enjoyed this as much as I did making it !! 

Thanks for reading 
Maria Isabel

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