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Friday, July 19, 2013

Todays Choice of Outfit !

Hello Everyone!! 
So todays outfit consists of a tight mint colored top that flares 
at the bottom with a cute brown belt with a gold button in the middle
The back of the shirt buttons at the top and has an circular opening exposing some back.
The shorts are a Coral or Peach color that I got at Justice (i worked there :) ). 
I decided to add some gold sandals to make the gold on the belt stand out 
and I later added a gold bracelet. 
I did not wear a necklace because the shirt is too high and the necklace would look weird.
This shirt is from Marshall's ! So it was definitely a good price.
Hope you like my outfit of the day. I really enjoy this cute outfit to go out anytime. 

Thanks for coming to my blog!


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