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Friday, July 19, 2013

Travel !

Hello people ! So It is currently raining a lot in Houston, and there is nothing better to do than to just cuddle in bed and watching movies, but in my case, lay in bed and blog. I would make a new video, but I don't want to get up from my comfy bed because my back is killing me and I am not feeling it today. Ugh and I have to work at 5 and I don't really want to honestly, but I have to go make that money :). So I just wanted to make a post about traveling. There is so many places that I want to visit and even live in. 
One of the places I want to visit and even live in is London! I am so in love with everything over there. I love how the people talk, the music and over all it looks like an amazing place to visit. I wouldn't mind living here either. One of my first places to go would absolutely be to London. I would love to also go up to other places around the UK. Switzerland, Manchester, Brighton and all the other cool places that the UK has to offer. This is one amazing place that I would die to go to. 

But, one dream that I have is to visit Paris. You don't understand my obsession with Paris, and I really don't understand it either but everything in my room and restroom are Paris themed. I would do anything and I mean anything to actually go to Paris. I would love to go and stay close to the Eiffel Tower, so when i woke up I could look out the window and just the beautiful view. I want to be able to experience the way the people talk, and try all of the food. Je aime Paris!! 
So my other place I would love to go to is New York. I have been to New York but it was so long ago that I barley remember. I only remember a couple of things like going to the Statue of Liberty, and going to the World Trade Centers. It was really cold and that is pretty much all that i remember. I want to be able to remember it next time that I go and spend a long time in Time Square!

Well, that is all of the place that I want to visit. 
Let me know where you would like to go but leaving a comment 


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