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Monday, August 19, 2013

Blog Thinking

Hello Reader!
So I am sitting here watching my dog destroy the new toy that i just got him, and I decided to post something. 

These past few days I have finally figured out how to use Photoshop and I have been on it non stop!
It is really addicting and I love it! Ive been editing a lot of pictures designing things for my blog and designing things for my Tumblr!  I have recently just figured out how to use tumblr and I have gained a couple of followers these past few days, but i am also working on ideas for this blog as well. I love being able to edit pictures, making them look cool and just designing random things as well It is truly therapeutic for me. 

Today I had to go to the doctors and do a couple of things with my mom, so I wasn't able to start on my next project for a new post!

But come visit on Tumblr. I have been spending a couple of days just working on it, so come by!

Thanks for stopping by

Maria Isabel


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