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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Work Line | Charming Charlie "Overboard"

Hello Dear Reader ! So in my last post I mentioned that a new line arrived at work, and that i was super obsessed with it. So I took my camera and decided to snap a couple of pictures of my favorite things from the new line called Overboard.

I got this watch! :)

This is the outfit I put together as the display. The white shirt with the anchor is a flowy tank and over it
is a thick blue and white cardigan.

Love this chunky necklace! 

I also bough this dress! :)

love the overlay of the dress. 

<3 love this tank top as well!

I was very tempted to buy this sweater but I changed my mind. Hopefully it will be there next pay check :)

Hope you like this line as much as I do !!
And I will see you all next time. 



  1. What happened to all of your blog pictures?!? Did you accidently delete them all because none of the images on your blog are showing up?!?

    Little Bit Lauren

    1. Yup. I accidentally deleted them but I got them all back! (:
      Thanks for letting me know!!


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