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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Remove Border on Images (No Code to Add)

Hello Dear Reader!!
So I go to SOO many different blogs everyday and see everyone trying to find a way to remove the annoying background on the pictures on their blogs, and I am here to show you how to remove that annoying background!! Its REALLY EASY!!

1. Go to Templete
2. Edit HTMI
3. Click on the box that has all that code and then click Ctl + F to search or if you are on a Mac, Command+ F.
4. A search bar should appear.
5. Type in .post-body img.
Then you should have something like this ^^

6. Below I showed you the code that you will see
7. DELETE  code that is squared smaller and pointed, as shown below. 
8. Save it and DONE!
 And that should be it !!!
I hope it works and that it was not hard to figure out!!



  1. Thank you so much for your help! you're an angel :) Hahaha

    xx Romy

  2. This was SO helpful! Thank you for this :)



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