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Monday, February 17, 2014

20 Day Photo Challenge | First Couple of Days

Hello Everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a long time and you can blame school and work (well, I blame school and work). I have also been doing blog design for the contest winners so I have been a bit occupied, but I have been doing really good on the challenge I set for myself! Here are a couple of pictures from a couple of days, and I yet have a couple more days to go, I was just too excited to share them and I couldn't wait!
My Eyeshadow | Naked 3 Palette 
Beautiful day
My doggy is too cute!
Day designing an About me for one of my best friends! (She loved it)
A weekend in ATX
My sleepy baby
Comfy shoe day!

My new hair extensions!!
Test day :( ( which I did poorly on)

New watches at work (Charming Charlie)
Typical girl picture | Nails DONE!!
My dream truck | Ford Raptor 
 Poor excuse for snow :)
Hill Country Sunset

Valentines Day!!
Curly Hair Day! 
Nails Did!

I hope that you enjoyed these and I will be taking some more for the next couple of days also!
And a fun post coming to you soon (maybe Thursday!)
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great pics! Loving that new watch!

  2. hey chica! Just discovered your blog through Sensible Stylista!

    Love this post, how do you design your templates? (aka, what app haha)

    1. Hey ! Thanks so much :)
      I actually design them all myself and I manipulate the codes on blogger!
      Its a lot of work but super fun.. oh and I use Photoshop to design.
      Thanks for the follow



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