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Friday, March 7, 2014

Charming Charlie Haul | Part 1 (Maybe!)

Hello Everyone!!
So as you know by now, half of my paycheck I get from work goes back to my job, because I love to buy things from my work! Charming Charlie has such amazing gorgeous things and if you don't get it fast the chances of it being there in a couple of days is very low.  This weekend is Associate Appreciation so that means discount, and on top of that they sent me a birthday coupon because my birthday was 2 days ago, and the coupon was for $10.00 off!! So this was the perfect birthday present, so thanks Charming Charlie, I love you too! :) I might be getting some more things, but I am still trying to decide if its a good idea, but for now, I wanted to show you all what I got!! 
Gold Leaf Earrings: $6.00
 Gold and Mint Earrings: $8.00
 Cheetah Print Sunglasses: $9.00
 Mint Braided Necklace: $13.00
 Coral Chevron Print Top: $19.00
Dress: $39.00 ? 

I love my work place and I hope that you all enjoy this!
We have an online store so if you want any of these cute things come 
check it out here!!

(Free shipping to orders over $50!!)

Thanks for stopping by and I am on spring break so more post soon!!



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  1. Ah! I seriously want everything here! The jewelry is so cute <3


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