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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chuck Chucks Bracelet

Hello Everyone!! 
So today I decided to have some fun and go to the park and take some pictures. 
I always love going to the park and taking pictures, just haven't had the time and my friend who always comes with me has been busy also, but anyways, I got a lovely gift from the people of Chuck Chucks which is a leather bracelet with interchangeable pieces to make them your own style and make every outfit pop! And I got to say, it has been a hit at work !! Every time I wear it out, people love it and I love it too!! 

I decided to make a darker outfit because I think that leather on leather would look cool and it actually did.  I actually do really like it and i forgot to change them and take a picture with my other ones, but they are just as cute, and they have a lot of different ones! I love that they have a watch.
SOOOOO, if you love this as much as I do or want more information ect. go to
and if you enter mariaisabel1 you get 50% off !!

So go get your Chuck Chucks now!!
They are sooo different and look super good on.
I hope that you enjoyed this post and pay the lovely people over at Chuck Chucks a visit!!
you can also find them here!


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