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Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Hair | Blonde & Brown

Hello Everyone!!
So today, on my lovely day off I decided to head over to the hair salon and get a bit of a makeover. Now along while back I had my hair ombre and I loved it! This is what my hair looked like a long time ago: 
I loved it, but taking care of it was hard and with time I sort of got tired of it. But today, I wanted to have that blonde back in my hair but in a bit of a different way. So instead of having just the bottom half of my hair blonde again I went for a more "natural" flowing color that mixed it with my brown hair. I also got a trim and some long layers. I love this new look and it makes me feel happier. I liked the normal brown hair but I felt like I needed a change! I was very happy with the results and I am glad that I went for a change. Change is good.  And this is a new summer look because I am finally finished with this brutal semester of sophomore year in college! So here a few pictures I took of my new hair. 
Hope you like it!! :)

Hope you have an amazing day and I will see you lovely readers next time!!




  1. Your hair looks wonderful!

  2. Your hair looks great! It's good to mix things up a bit every once in a while. You mentioned that maintaining your old hairstyle got hard in the long run; this looks quite easier to handle. It also looks more natural than the old one. Take care!

    Curtis Hutchinson @ Amici Style Salon


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