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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Puerto Rico | La Fortaleza

Hello Lovely People!
Yesterday I got the opportunity to visit one of the coolest places in San Juan. Its called "La Fortaleza". La Fortaleza was the first fortification built in San Juan harbor. Constructed between 1533 and 1540, the original fort consisted of a circular tower and four massive stone walls. Although established to defend against Carib Indian raids, invaders only took the fortress twice in its history: first, by the English in 1598, and then by the Dutch in 1625. Today, the building, at one time designated the Spanish Captain-General of Puerto Rico's official residence, serves as the official residence and offices of Puerto Rico's Governor.
I think one of the reasons that I loved LOVED this tour was because all of the rooms are still "victorian" and have been like that since forever. I loved it because it reminded me a lot of my favorite TV show Downton Abbey. I loved being in those rooms and just take in the history and look at all the antiques. This room is called the "Blue Room". They decided to decorate everything in the room blue like the dress worn by Queen Isabel II of Spain. OH, All of these rooms are in use today!
This is the ceiling inside the Fortaleza.
These paintings are from the year 1900! They were of the fist American Governors of Puerto Rico.
These chandeliers are all imported from Spain along time ago!
This might look like an ordinary room and it is, but President Kennedy slept in that bed!
One of the best things to see in the mansion is a broken, old mahogany clock that stands in a corridor. Just before relinquishing the building (and the island), the last Spanish governor paused in front of this clock and struck its face with his sword, stopping time to note the very last moment of Spanish rule in Puerto Rico. 4:28.
In the dungeon. Were no prisoners were placed, but instead it was used as a storage room for ammo and other things like jewels. 
The view from the chapel of the Fortaleza. Amazing.
This room is called the Mirror Room and it is were most of the Fortaleza's events are held. 
This chandelier is also a import from Spain.
That. Is the most expensive thing that stands in La Fortaleza.
I was obsessed with the picture. Love it.
This is the governors favorite place of La Fortaleza. The library.
Stairs to the Governor's House.
A gift from Spain also.

I really enjoyed this tour of La Fortaleza. It is rare to be able to go to the 2nd floor of La Fortaleza and see all of the rooms, but because my cousin is a lawyer for the governor and works there, we were able to get VIP treatment and see all of these amazing things and I am so glad the we got the chance to do so. This was by far one of my favorite things to experience ever, even though we had the worst tour guide ever, but I still liked taking pictures :).

I am editing a new vlog and should be up soon so please subscribe to my channel to see that go up soon!

Hope you all have an amazing week!!

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