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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life of A Student & Blogger | A Happy Blog

Hello Loves!
I know I haven't posted in a while but with my busy school and work schedule and my laziness it has become sort of difficult to find the time to just sit down and write or do stuff for my blog. But how do you keep going? I know that there are things that you must do with your life, but what if this is the thing that makes you the happiest? So I have figured it out ( for myself that is). We all have different schedules and a lot of you do this, but I just never have a set schedule. But enough is enough. If this is what makes you happy, like it does to me, then you will do anything to do it. So here is what I have set out for myself to do ( I haven't started but I'm going to TOMORROW). If you have a hard time sitting down and blogging or doing what you love, then try this with me.

1. Set a Time and Date:
We all say we don't have the time, but lets make the time! Set a date and a time of day that you know that you will not be busy and just do it. Its hard sometimes to just think "Uh, I don't want to, Im tired!" and that is what I do all the time, but I will no longer do that. 

2. Plan your post/videos
We all have a difficult time thinking of creative things to make post or videos about, and most of the time we do videos or do post that others have posted, but don't worry if it has been done, because I can guarantee you that not 2 videos about the same topic will be the same. Everyone has their different personalities and techniques and every video/post has its own identity. So if you have an idea, just do it! Make it your own and well... OWN IT! :)

3. Have Fun!
I know that when it comes to my content, I tend to overthink them. I am not sure if its a good idea or not and I end up not doing it, or I have a great Idea but not the energy or resources to make it so. NO MORE! To have a great blog/channel you have to put your heart and soul into making it what you want it to be and your effort will be reflected in your content. Make it your fun, have fun. Remember your blog and your post are YOURS. If you have fun making it or find it interesting, then do it. Don;t worry on what others think or comment because if you think about it , they go through the trouble of going to your blog/channel, reading your post or seeing your videos and then going through the effort of leaving hate, and you just had fun making your content! So no matter the idea, just have fun with it. If this is what you love to do, then there is nothing that should stop you!

Now that I have said all that! Here is one of my favorite outfits. The watch goes with everything and the flowers just make it so cute and gives my outfit just a little sparkle. 
Then my shoes. These shoes are my favorite pair of shoes. I love how comfortable they are and how BRIGHT they are too! The tiger just gives the shoe a little attitude which we all need in our life from time to time!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and NO MORE SLACKING for me!
I will be making videos soon when I get my shhhh together :)

I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you guys next time!!

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