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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Park With The Best Friend | Outfits

Hello Peeps!
I hope that you are all having a great week so far. So today my best friend Sarai (Sara-e) where feeling a bit bored and headed to the park and took some shots in some cute clothes that we found in our closets. Now please don't take these pictures to seriously, I like to have fun and not think about taking pictures so seriously. I like to have fun and I feel like there are a lot of people out there that take this too seriously when they should have fun but yeah!

We had so much fun today at the park. We where the only ones so we were having a blast. Taking random and funny pictures. Oh and I also got attacked by bugs but that was the only down side for today. We didn't have a lot of different outfits to show you all, but with these we were able to have a blast and feel cute and confident. 

I guess I will proceed to talk about my outfit. Well what you see in the pictures is really what it is. I am wearing a zebra skirt that is way WAY too short and one of my favorite Charming Charlie shirts tucked in. Then I also wore my cheetah flats. Yes I know, Cheetah and Zebra Maria? Yes! I like them and they matched so whatever :). But anyways, it was such a beautiful and hot day in Texas and these outfits were perfect for this hot weather. 
Top and Shoes: Charming Charlie as seen HERE
Skirt: Too old to remember where I got it. 
This outfit is so cool and colorful. I just added color on color. The orange in my opinion, tied it all together and I loved the turquoise with the lime green top. With this outfit, I won't get lost easily because it was so bright !
Pants: Marshalls
Necklace: Take a wild guess, Charming Charlie. DUH :)
Top: JCPenny
And This is my best friend Sarai!

Hey guys my name is Sarai! My favorite places to shops are Express and Foreign Exchange which is where I got this top from. Fashion is such a cool thing to me because its a way to express yourself and being able to show people who you are through the clothes you wear. So with these pictures I hope you get to see my personality come out!  I love dark colors especially for fall. Today was one of the best shoots I have done only because it was with my best friend! Enjoy :)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Guess

I really hope that you all enjoyed this post and I am currently uploading my new Halloween make up video and should be up tomorrow! Have an amazing week.

Let me know what are some of your favorite things about Fall in a comment :)


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