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Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Essentials | Video!

Hey everyone! So before I get into the post and all of that, I wanted to try and upload a video probably every Friday and Sunday. I am really not sure how well that is going to work out, but I want to try and do it. I love making videos and sometimes It is hard to upload or create one, but I feel that I can do it.

Anyways, for this video I am showing you all of the summer essentials that I have been loving this summer season. All from my bathing suit to perfumes and one of my favorite nail polishes perfect for the summer. I hope that you enjoy this video!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Current Essentials | June 2015

Hello Loves! 
These products right here are the ones that I have been loving for the past few weeks and they are seriously the best. All of these products are a great part of my make up routine and I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you all. 

First off I am currently obsessed with this Anastasia Artist Palette. It is so good and the colors come on great. The colors that I love to use the most are Dusty Rose, Aubergine, and Baby I'm A Star. Those are the ones I use for my everyday look especially just to go to work, the combination of those is great. I really recommend this palette. It is such a great addition to the palettes I already had. 
These Milani Lipsticks are so good! The only thing is that I wish I would have grabbed them shiny instead of a matte because they go on my lips a little weird. What I usually do is add a coat of chapstick and it will give it a little shine and kind of blend all the lipstick together and it looks good, but besides that these two colors are so great. The pink color is so fun to match to some crazy fun eyes and the other one is such a great peachy nude color for everyday wear. These you can find in  the drugstore and they are not that expensive.
For this Shade and Light Palette I can't even describe how great it is, and every beauty person out there seems to agree because it is just that good. I love using this everyday and I know she came out with an "eyes" version, but these make great neutral eyeshadows so sometimes I just use it for that and its also a good opportunity to use all the colors on this palette instead of just using the everyday ones on my face and the others just there doing nothing!
So these are my current obsessions/favorites!
Let me know what are some of your favorite things at the moment. I love finding new products!
See ya next time!

Colorful Summer Look | Video

Hey yall!
So for todays video (yesterdays), I put a quick look together with some really cool and fun colors using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette.
This palette is so much fun and the colors are incredible. It comes with colors that you can use everyday and colors just like the ones I used to make this look! I hope that you guys enjoy this look!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Behind The Scenes Tag | Video!

So a couple of days ago I was tagged by my lovely YouTube friend, TheFashionQueen to do this really fun tag. It is called the "Behind The Scenes" Tag. I was so excited to get to film this video because it is so different and it was so fun to do! So if you want to watch this weeks video then just click below and enjoy!! Make sure to go subscribe as well! Thanks!! :)


Monday, June 8, 2015

No Make Up Make Up Look | Video

Im sitting here uploading this thumbnail picture and just thinking about how ridiculous I look haha! Anyways, here is this weeks video. This is my No Make Up Make Up Look. The idea of this look is to look as natural as possible and really just look like you are not wearing any make up, but you are!
So this video was really fun to do and I enjoyed putting it together. So here it is. I hope that you enjoy it!


Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Favorites | Video

Hey All!
Today I am bringing you guys my May Favorites. This is my first evert favorites video and I didn't really have a lot of things, but I still wanted to show you guys those few things that I was really loving during this month of May. So I hope that you guys enjoy my little video and make sure to subscribe !! :)

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