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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Things | LovelyParis Designs

Hello my lovely people. I haven't been on my blog in a really long time. But I'm back and with exciting news. It had been a while since I had designed anything for LovelyParis and I finally got back into doing so. I am also in the process of updating old templates and making them a bit better. But I wanted to introduce these two new templates first, before I talk about the templates that I am currently updating and one that I finished. 

Now I am not just saying this because I created this template, but I am really loving how this template turned out. The marble background is subtle yet gives the whole template a bit more character. I love the boho style and the copper and navy blue theme that this template has going and I was really excited to share this with you all. It has a mobile version which I believe is really important with any template. What else can I say? I really hope that you guys like this template as much as I do!

This next one just went live on my Etsy store today! Floral templates are my favorite and are the ones that tend to do very well on my store, so I thought that I would create another one. This one comes with a Featured post slider and a magazine style format. I love the layout of this one and how bright and bubbly it is. I love bright templates. It makes the whole blog just feel fresh and sweet. This one also comes with a mobile version, a pin it hover button and other cute little features like the sidebar title paint backgrounds which have to be my favorites. 

To check out these templates, all you have to do is click on the title. I will leave a link to the listings on the Etsy show below also so that you can check them out there if you are interested. Please keep an eye out for new and exciting things on LovelyParis. I am starting to expand on to more than templates and I cant wait for you all to see what I am working on!

Thanks for stopping by ! 


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