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About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Blog !
My name is Maria Isabel and I am a 24 year old student living in Texas with a Puerto Rican heart<3. 
I am a crazy dog lady!
I am currently studying Public Relations and Advertisement.
Making friends and being outgoing is what I am all about. I love talking to new people and getting to know them too.
My Obsessions consist of British TV, Blue Ocean Water from Sonic,The 1975, Any Music really, Designing, YouTube, and of course, my blog! :)
I dream of of traveling the world and helping others and eventually living in London. 
Paris, Paris and more Paris is what my life is decorated of!
I am probably the goofiest person and I don't like to take my self to seriously. 
Jesus Christ is my everything.
And my doggy is my baby. Seriously. He is like my child!! :P
And that is a little bit about me!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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