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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hello Everyone! Hope that everyone is enjoying their day!
Well, today i wanted to say something about dreams. Dont you just hate when your having a good dream, its gonna get to the good part and then suddenly you wake up? You try to go back to sleep quickly to see what happens, but it usually doesn't end up being that way.
   I keep having this dream about this guy I use to like back in High School and it is driving me insane ! We havent talked in ages and i dont know why all of a sudden he is back in my dreams like i told him to just mess with my head (which i didn't, so get out!). Anyways, the dreams are pretty nice if i might add, but just when something great is gonna occur, my body decides to do some weird time of movement and wake me up! Seriously? I cant have him in real life or in my dreams.. Great, just great! LOL. Well, if you hace some weird dream experience then let me know, and with that i leave you with this little video and i hope that you enjoy!
WARNING: He cusses alot! But its a great video!

Let me know some of your best dreams in the comments below!


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