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Monday, July 1, 2013


Ello !! 
So i wanted to share some of the things that that i find interesting and love to do. 
One of my favorite things to on my spare time is take pictures.. i know what you might be thinking, "Okay, here we go with another photographer want to be". But it's nothing like that.. i actually love to take pictures with my phone, put them on Instagram, and maybe add a nice filter to them lol. It's fun to have such a cool place where you can put all your pictures and make them look cool and share them with other people.  I actually got all of my favorite Instagram pictures and created a picture wall in my bedroom.. Then, i took a picture of that wall and posted it on Instagram LOL :) 
This is the Picture Wall :)
I also love to take Pictures of my dog.. I sound super lame, but he is such a good model that i cant help but to take pictures of him. ( i need friends) :)

I also like making videos, and this is a video i made about the beautiful things that i usually see on an everyday basis that i thought i would share with everyone.. Hope You like it  :)  

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