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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Random Post

Hello Dear Reader!
So I am currently quite busy to make a new video at the time, but one will be coming soon! I started my new job yesterday and let me tell you, it was really fun! It was less crowded than Justice, and i didn't have to do as much, and i guess that its okay! Im really excited what the future hold for me there at Charming Charlies. 
So pretty much I am wanting to travel really bad lately. I want to go to New York, London, Paris, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and pretty much just all over Europe. I know everyone wants to travel because we want to experience new things. For me, traveling means seeing different cultures, experiencing different routines, learning new languages and seeing how differently people react to curtain things. I am really scared of flying, well more like terrified, but i would do anything to just get away from all I have ever known and just see the world. I want to meet new people and  make friends all over the world, and I hope that one day my career will take me to all of these places, and i will never give up on such a strong goal as this one. If you have a dream, dont be afraid to chase it because the worse things is saying I gave up instead of I tried. 
And well, that is all i have for now!  i really hope that you enjoy my blog, dear reader. So here is a little video for your entertainment :)


Have A Fantastic Rest Of The Week!
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