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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey Everyone!
I wanted to say just a couple of things about tattoos.
First of all, they are great when you are trying to express yourself, show your passion for something, or just because you absolutely love it. Why should it effect you at work? There is nothing that your tattoo does that affects your performance at your job or that should stop you from finding one. Why? What is so bad about having body art on you. You can be the nicest person and hardest working person in the world, yet some places wont hire you just because you have visible tattoos. To me, if you have a tattoo then that is your body and you can do whatever you want to it. I love tattoos, and maybe some people feel differently about it because of religious or other reasons, but that is still no way to have the right to judge other people that have tattoos.
This is a picture of my tattoo and i absolutely love it! 
Let me know what your think about work environments not hiring people with tattoos and share your tattoo stories! I would love to hear some!

See Ya!

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