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Friday, July 26, 2013

Todays Day :)

Hello !!
So today is the only day that I have off of Work 
and Its also pay day!
So I honestly thought that I was going to do more 
damage than I actually did, and I am glad that I didn't spend too
much money, but here are two pics of what I got and what I tried on. 
These are two necklaces and the big bracelet I got at a store called 
Verona Accessories and It is a copy to Charming Charlies,
but It was really messy and un organized. I did really like that white with gold necklace (obviously, because I got it). I am a sucker for gold jewelry. And I loved that weird blue triangle necklaces and i really needed more jewelry for work.. But, Charming Charlies it a million
times better. Then I got more Revlon PhotoReady eye shadows. I love them. 
and this one is called Renaissance. I got that and the brushes at Ulta! I honestly cant 
walk into that store without buying something! The eyeshadow was $9.99 and so where the brushes. The owl necklace was on clearance in Claires and came out to $6.00. 

This dress is from Marshall's. I was going to get it, but the top part of the dress was polyester and 
if felt nasty! I don't like that material at all. If it had been another material I would have most definitely gotten it and it was only $20.00.

And That is what I did today. I will be going to a pool party later today but I hope
you all have an amazing day!!

Maria Isabel

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