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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Different Make Up Styles

So I decided to show you all some of my favorite styles of make up.
These are most of the things that I usually put together, but not with these exact outfits. I put some of them on just to have a little fun. And Later on today I will be putting up the things that I used to get these looks.
These pics are edited on Photoshop. They have filters on them so they look cool. That's why I put the filters that I put on.

For this look I only used a thick layer of liquid eyeliner on top of my eyelid and a really 
bright orange lipstick. It looks really nice with a plain white shirt so that they POP is in the lips :)

I used a Smokey eyeshadow kit for my eyes, a thin line of liquid eyeliner, bottom liner, and a dark maroon lipstick for a darker look.

For this look, I decided to put a really light eyeshadow on (Light Brown) and a bright pink lipstick
so that It would make the yellow and pink pop which made the outfit fun and summery :)

Hope that you enjoyed this!
I will be posting the make up that I used later on today. So please come back :)

Maria Isabel


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Favorite Hairstyles

Bow Headband

Headband Twist

Straight Hair

Twist with Fishtail 


Friday, August 23, 2013

My Austin Trip !

Hello Dear Reader !

So these past few days I have taken sometime off from my daily routine life and decided to head to Austin. I was a little nervous at first because unlike most people, I don't really like to drive. I guess I just don't like driving my car because it is a standard and it really freaks me out that it will stall in the middle of the road or something and the fact that I am just a big scaredy cat in general. 

These past few days have been really different and I really enjoyed myself. I spent all these days broke so I just walked around places and took pictures of places from the outside or just people and things. But, I really didn't have to spend money to enjoy myself because I was with good company. 

So most of my pictures that I will now show you are from SoCo district in Downtown Austin or South Congress Avenue. This place was amazing. I wasn't able to go at night or on the weekend because unfortunately I am headed home tomorrow, but i heard that It gets pretty cool at night. Even during the day I saw a lot of strange things and people (you will see in one picture). This weekend was just a great little get away before school starts on Monday. I spent all of my summer working and being able to drive down here was great. But, that is enough for the chit chat. On with the pictures !!!

All of these photos where taken my me! I just forgot to put my name on some of them, but yes. All me, or my friend Brittni, who I also gave credit too :)

These vintage pictures where taken at an antique store in SoCo Avenue.

 Meet my sister Bea :)

Me and my best friend Brittni who drove from Waco that day to visit :)

My sister loved these boots from Allen's Boot Store.

This street name was really Elizabeth Street but we thought it would look cooler to have it say Brittni lol

Delicious burger from one of the best burger places. HopDoddy

The Capital of Texas, y'all !

 Very Popular cupcake van! And very tasty :)

The gate was opened to one of the sides of the hotel San Jose located there, so I decided to capture the beautiful scenery 

This is a man... in a thong.. taking in some sun... So weird and soo funny. I just had to take a picture :)

^v  My two favorite pictures I took from this whole trip :)

So Delicious. Pina Colada from a restaurant called Cheddars

Red Velvet Cupcake from Hey Cupcake!!

Sangria or Margarita or both :) From Cheddars.

This picture is red because the ceiling of this bathroom was red :)

These Tribal shoes that I fell in love with!

Hoped you enjoyed my pictures as much as I did taking and editing them!!

Had an amazing time in Austin. If your ever near Austin, you have to stop by.
It is such an amazing place with a lot to see and do!!

Till Next Time

Maria Isabel

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