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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New :)

Hello Reader!
So as you may have noticed already, I have changed everything on my blog! New design, new everything. You can say that I am a bit obsessed, but I don't care, cuz I have put so much into it and I am still making changes and advances to my page because I want the site to be attractive. I love doing this and its definitely something that makes me really happy and that I really enjoy doing. 

So this week I don't work as much so I am going to be posting a lot of cool things on here, so make sure to come visit. I have a lot of ideas to share with you guys and I am really excited about this blog. 
I hope that people enjoy coming here, because it is really colorful and I tried to grab your attention :). But I just wanted to say, that I love my blog. I love to write. Its something so liberating and relaxing about it. 

I dont really have a lot of people to talk to and I don't even know if anyone reads this, but Its just getting my thoughts out on a page that makes me feel better and free. 

But anyways, make sure to come back, and if you do and the page looks all funny, its probably because I am messing with the layout :)

Thanks for stopping by

Maria Isabel

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