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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello All :)

HEY !! 

So i know that I promised a good post, but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to just sit down and take sometime for myself, and I wish that I did have more time because I would love to post more things on here because I absolutely love to blog. But, hopefully I can make more vlogs for all of you to see and I hope that they get better over time since I am just starting out.

But anyways,  just a little update on what has been going on the past couple of days!

So I asked off of work this weekend because I was planning to go out of town, but then those plans fell through. My dad had to work on Saturday and so we really couldn't go. But instead we spent all Saturday at a Ford dealership and I got a new car!! I was so happy that I am finally responsible for my own car even though I know that its going to be a lot of sacrifice since I do like to by my own things and have money for my self, but that's what comes with growing up right?

Anyways, I am so in love with my car! Its small and cute just like I wanted and its saves a lot of gas which is great since I will be traveling to school soon. But It do miss my bug. Its weird because it's just a car and all, but it was my first car and the memories of high school were all made in it. Picking up my friends, putting the top down and blasting the music with my best friend, kissing boys and sneaking out to parties. It was a great car and I am really missing it, but I can't wait to make new memories in this new car. Its a new exciting thing that I get to experience!

But yeah! That's just a little update on how I have been feeling the couple of days, but I am happy about the outcome :)

As I type this my first vlog is processing. It was just a little video I made about a shopping trip I had the other day, but I did want to start making videos so I needed to start somewhere!

Oh, and you should know that I did make a friend! :) I am not one to make new friends easily, but I did! HAHA. But anyways, If you read all of this, thank you. It feels nice just to be able to sit here and say all of this.

New Video should be up tonight or tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by!

Maria Isabel


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