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Monday, September 23, 2013



So I could go on about how school is boring and how work has been keeping me busy, but instead I am going to talk to you more about somethings that I have planned! 
So I am planning to go to some gardens and take some cool pictures in the near future and I have even got some co workers willing to help me so I am really excited about that. We just have to plan a good day that we can go and check these places out! I want to do different style photo shoots and tell you all how easy it is to obtain that look or explain the style and look! I am also planning to talk to some friends see if they are willing to let me take some cool pictures of them as well. I am not saying that they will be crazy professionally or anything but It is all about having fun and making them look as best as I can because I seriously believe that taking pictures is one of the funnest things that I can do with my time and you can see the world and ideas through other peoples imagination and creativity in the pictures! So, once I get all of the things planned out I will start posting some cool pictures on here again! I have planned to go and check out the gardens tomorrow for a quick preview and I might to a little vlog as well so that might be fun too!! 

Thanks for stopping by again ! And make sure to come back really soon!! :)

Maria Isabel


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