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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Urban Decay| Naked| Make up

So yesterday I was feeling kind of crazy- a lot crazy! I decided to stop by my favorite store and pick up a few things. The store was packed and I just wanted to pick up a foundation and an eyeliner. But I got to wonder what the best make up for me would be.

So I decided to go to the area where all of the make up consultants are and ask her a few questions.
I asked her what the best make up out there was and she said this:
"That is a very hard question to answer because the best make up for me might not be the best make up for you because we all have different skin types. My face is very oily so I need a more moisturizing make up. You, can use something a lot different and it still be the best for you."
That did make a lot of sense an after I answered a few questions she told me that the best make up brand out there is Urban Decay. Urban Decay is not the cheapest but the price is very worth it. So instead of grabbing the foundation and eyeliner like I went in to buy, I decided to get the following things for a couple of reasons.
This picture is a little bit blurry but this is a beauty balm. You can patch your biggest blemish with this and the consultant gave it to me as a gift when I told her I wrote a blog! :) 

She also gave me this as a gift. I tried it today and to be completely honest it is a little bit to clumpy and thick! I think I am going to stick with my Rocket Mascara.

This 24/7 eyeliner is the bomb! I learned that this eyeliner can be used as eyeshadow as well. Just put a little bit on the top of your eye and you have a 30 second window to play around with it before is sets and becomes waterproof! You can smudge it on the top of your eye and it becomes a really pretty soft smokey eye! I tried it today for the first time and 7 hours later it is still there. It is really great and I got it for $19.90.

So this pretty much started the interesting conversation with the make up consultant. I told her I needed a good foundation that did not feel to thick on my skin but still did a really good job. She grabbed this and actually put it on me! I instantly fell in love with it. It is seriously super soft and when I passed my hands over my face it felt like I had nothing on at all. It is also build able foundation so I can put one coat on and then put some more under my eyes and use it as a consealer too. All of the red spots I had disappeared and she only used a little bit. This was around $35 or so but I just had to get it. 

Last, I got this Optical Blurring Brush. This I can use to put on my foundation, powder and my blush/bronzer. She told me that if I use a sponge that the sponge soaks all of your foundation up and that is why some people believe that their foundations might not work because it is all on the sponge! I can put some foundation on my wrist then circle the brush on top and then circle on my face. Then, with a napkin or a tissue clean the brush for a few seconds and then use for other things! I really love the way this works and how soft it is! I got this for around $34 or so as well. It is really great!

So yes that is what I learned yesterday! I hope to stop by in two weeks and pick up the $54 eyeshadow kit that I really wanted from Urban Decay as well. I hope that you could have learned a couple of things from this like THROW AWAY YOUR SPONGE and get a brush!! 

Thanks for stopping by!! See you next time :)

Maria Isabel


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