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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Party Look | Video

Hello Again!!
I am back with a new video and I am so excited. So for this little video, I just decided to make it fun and simple because thats what I do! :) I made a little New Years Eve Party look that was simple but yet made a statement with bold red lips and to finish off, a little ribbon on my head. 

But instead of telling you guys, why don't you just see it for yourself?! I hope that you enjoy and have an amazing New Year.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for following it and if you subscribed to my channel, thank you also!
I hope this coming year is full of blessings for everyone!



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What I Got For Christmas & Review | Video

Blog, It has been way too long since I have posted something on here and I am so sorry. But working retail during the holidays does take up most of my time and I was such a busy time for Charming Charlie. But I AM BACK! 
For todays little video/post, I shared with you guys what I got for Christmas and also reviewed them. I got a lot of amazing new products for Christmas so I was really excited to share my thoughts on them with you all. I had such a wonderful Christmas besides working and working but it was really all worth it because I was able to get my family great gifts. 

Anyways, here is my little "What I Got For Christmas / Review" video and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did making it for you. Oh, and excuse my silliness :).

Have an amazing week and Make sure to

Love YA!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Puerto Rico Vlogs | Part 2

Hello Everyone!
Here again with another little vlog. I am sort of glad I have these Puerto Rico vlogs to upload during Vlogmas! I know that there are a lot of vlogs going up and to be honest, I love vlogs! They just let you get to know that YouTuber better and its just fun to see what people do throughout the day in different parts of the world!

Here are MY Favorite Vloggers!

  1. PointlessBlogTV
  2. SprinkleofChatter
  3. MoreMarcus

And here is my little Puerto Rico vlog. Hope you like it and make sure to subscribe! :)


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Puerto Rico Vlogs | Part 1

Hey Lovelies!
So as promised, Puerto Rico vlogs! I had so much fun back home and being able to share some of the things I did with you all. I didn't record all the time just because I mostly just wanted to enjoy myself ( and I did ) and so I put some of the days together. Like for this vlog, I put together the first and second day together. The next vlog is just a really short one for the wedding day and the photography job. But yeah, I'll leave it at that! So let me know what you guys think and make sure to subscribe!!


Friday, November 14, 2014

20 Facts About Me | Video!

Hey Everyone!
I have posted another video! I am so proud of myself. I have been making videos and posting them on time. What I do is film them, upload them ( but keep them private ) and then publish them on a certain day. If your a YouTuber, do you do that or what? Let me know!

Anyways, for todays video I tell you some facts about me. It is a quick little video but it was fun to make and just sit down and list some things about myself. Oh, I did forget to mention that I went to elementary school with Austin Mahone. I found his picture when I was looking through an old yearbook from my elementary days and I found him in there. I thought that was interesting but forgot to say it in the video. Anyways, here is the video. I hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY "Tierrita" Dessert | Video!

Hi Guys!!
I don't know if you can tell or not, but I am trying to keep my blog and YouTube channel interesting and diverse instead of always being about the same things. So, in this little video, I am showing you guys how I make one of my favorite desserts or pretty much just my favorite thing to eat ever! In the video I made half of the recipe and everything is listed in the video. But, I am going to post the entire recipe for all of you guys. So here it is.

Full Recipe: 
1 Cream Cheese
1/2 bar of butter (melted or softened)
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
2 boxes of chocolate (or vanilla) pudding
3 1/2 cups of milk
16 oz. of Cool Whip or 2 cups of heavy cream
16 Oreos without the cream filling
Cups ( maybe that look like flower pots). 

Still follow the same steps found in the video!


Have an amazing week


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Guide to Happiness | A Little Video

My video todays has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, but happiness. In this video, I tell you guys some of the things that helped me when I was at my lowest point. I did write a couple of posts on here a while back about me feeling down and how I was started to feel better, so now I sat down and filmed a video about it. 

Now, these tips really helped me, and I understand that they might not work for all, but I really hope they do. They are just the ones that got me through my little moments.

Anyways! Here it is a little video about Happiness.

What makes you happy? Let me know!!


Have a good week! 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maria Isabel Photography | An Aggie Engagement

So this past Saturday I got the opportunity to better my photography skills and get some more experience. I was so excited and nervous about doing this shoot, and when I got there I just over thought everything and got even more nervous, but once I started to get in the zone I felt really confident and just let everything sort of flow. Looking back at when I first started with photographing my best friends back home, I can see the process in my pictures and in my editing and it is really rewarding. Oh, I am also getting the opportunity to shoot their wedding! My first big job! :)

The Learning Photographer
I don't really know how other photographers work, but I know that what I want to better in is sort of the lighting. Finding the perfect lighting and just making the photo speak for itself. I want to be able to get them on my computer and do as little editing. I feel if you over edit it, you loose what the whole picture has to offer. Don't get me wrong, pictures do need editing to look better but I like just being able to bring out the colors, make them brighter and give them a sharp contrast. I feel like in the process of learning to be a good photographer, editing is one of the toughest part. A picture can either become really beautiful and vibrant or dull and colorless. This to me is one of the toughest parts. I am so lucky to be able to have the experience and opportunity to grow as a photographer and I cant wait to see what the future holds with this "hobby". 

The Day of the Shoot
So anyways, Saturday my trusty assistant ( my sister and the couples friend ), headed to College Station, Texas and paid a visit to the wonderful school that is Texas A&M University. I have never been up there and I was really excited. I have heard a lot about College Station and not going to lie, but like half of my high school goes there. Anyways, we met up with them about 4:30 just when the sun started to head down and the game was over (which they won by the way). We headed to the station which was now empty and started the shoot. We were able to get on the field and take some amazing shots. Once we did that, we needed to get out and there was a man (which was a player) who took us through the new locker room. It was amazing. It felt like we were in a spaceship and above every players locker there was a TV with their pictures and their information. It was incredible. This was the couples favorite part. He graduate from here so it was a great experience and I was so glad we were able to do that. We then headed around campus and took more pics, but instead of explaining it I will let you see it for yourself. 

There are a lot of pictures but these are some of my favorite ones!

This is my favorite one :)


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I hope that you all liked this little post. I love being able to share my photos with you all.

What would be your ideal place to take pictures?
Let me know what you guys think!



Thursday, October 30, 2014

CutiePieMarzia Inspired look | Video!

Hey Y'all!
So Im back again with a new video! And for this weeks video, I went for a Marzia inspired look. She is a YouTuber by the name of CutiePieMarzia and she is a beauty and fashion YouTuber from Italy.
She is so cute and I really enjoy her videos. So this week I wanted to sort of look like her.

After I made this video I realized I said the same things over and over again in the video, so dont make fun of me haha :). I sound dumb but oh well!

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this video and 

Let me know who your favorite YouTuber is!!

Have an amazing week! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October Favorites | Lookbook

Hello Everyone! Long time no see.
So I am back with a little video! In this video I show you some of my favorite outfits that I currently own. I wanted to do more of a fall lookbook, but I don't really have a lot of fall outfits so I just went with whatever. 

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this video and please subscribe to my channel!
Love Ya!


Necklace: Claires
Pants: Styles for Less
Flower Cardigan: Styles for Less
Heels: Some store in Puerto Rico
Top: Styles for Less
Pants: Marshalls
Shoes: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Top: Marshalls

Thanks for stopping by!
See you guys next time.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Comic Book Character | Halloween Make Up

Hello Peeps!
Another Halloween Make Up is up. I really don't know what to say besides this was easy to do and it was my second time trying it so I guess practicing made it look better. But yeah! I hope that you enjoy this video. Please subscribe that would mean a lot to me 

Oh and let me know some of your ideas for Halloween make up/ costume!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Park With The Best Friend | Outfits

Hello Peeps!
I hope that you are all having a great week so far. So today my best friend Sarai (Sara-e) where feeling a bit bored and headed to the park and took some shots in some cute clothes that we found in our closets. Now please don't take these pictures to seriously, I like to have fun and not think about taking pictures so seriously. I like to have fun and I feel like there are a lot of people out there that take this too seriously when they should have fun but yeah!

We had so much fun today at the park. We where the only ones so we were having a blast. Taking random and funny pictures. Oh and I also got attacked by bugs but that was the only down side for today. We didn't have a lot of different outfits to show you all, but with these we were able to have a blast and feel cute and confident. 

I guess I will proceed to talk about my outfit. Well what you see in the pictures is really what it is. I am wearing a zebra skirt that is way WAY too short and one of my favorite Charming Charlie shirts tucked in. Then I also wore my cheetah flats. Yes I know, Cheetah and Zebra Maria? Yes! I like them and they matched so whatever :). But anyways, it was such a beautiful and hot day in Texas and these outfits were perfect for this hot weather. 
Top and Shoes: Charming Charlie as seen HERE
Skirt: Too old to remember where I got it. 
This outfit is so cool and colorful. I just added color on color. The orange in my opinion, tied it all together and I loved the turquoise with the lime green top. With this outfit, I won't get lost easily because it was so bright !
Pants: Marshalls
Necklace: Take a wild guess, Charming Charlie. DUH :)
Top: JCPenny
And This is my best friend Sarai!

Hey guys my name is Sarai! My favorite places to shops are Express and Foreign Exchange which is where I got this top from. Fashion is such a cool thing to me because its a way to express yourself and being able to show people who you are through the clothes you wear. So with these pictures I hope you get to see my personality come out!  I love dark colors especially for fall. Today was one of the best shoots I have done only because it was with my best friend! Enjoy :)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Guess

I really hope that you all enjoyed this post and I am currently uploading my new Halloween make up video and should be up tomorrow! Have an amazing week.

Let me know what are some of your favorite things about Fall in a comment :)


Friday, October 3, 2014

Me, A cute outfit and a Camera

Hello peeps! I am currently writing this in the middle of the night ( 12:42am to be exact ) because there is a storm outside the power went out, and now I can't sleep, oh and I have to wake up early to go to work (it's gonna be a fun night). So here I am on my mobile app which I just downloaded, and writing a post. I know it's October and this is not a typical fall outfit but I don't care. It is still hot outside and I wanted to show of this cute lace skirt. I decided to add some cute colors to it. A mixture of mint and coral because those are my favorite combinations. 
I know you're suppose to dress according to season but who cares ? If you want to wear shorts in the middle of fall or winter or whatever, go for it. Have fun with what you wear and stand out from the rest. Just make sure that if its cold, then you know.. But if you live somewhere where it is hot then why not ?! That even better because you can wear whatever whenever! 

I'm that type of person that wears whatever colors in whatever season because I wear what I'm in the mood to wear that day and I think that's how it should be. You should wear something to express yourself. Show off your style, your emotions, how you feel and like I always say, what makes you happy! Be unique. Yes, what a cliche post but it's the truth :)

Anyways. Here is my outfit that is out of season because I like that skirt and I wanted you guys to see it. And my giant bow of course. 

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed this little random post. Have an amazing and safe weekend and let me know some of your favorite things to wear. Wether it be a headband (like me) or whatever it may be n 

Love ya tons <3

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cheetah Make Up | Halloween Look

October is finally here! I love fall and I love Halloween so that gave me an idea to create different Halloween/Fall themed videos and post to celebrate this amazing season. For the first Halloween Themed post I decided to go crazy and create an easy cheetah print make up using normal make up. I didn't go and buy any Halloween make up I just used my normal daily things. This is a great look for a last minute halloween party or just a quick look! I filmed a little video for you all so I hope that you all enjoy it and make sure to SUBSCRIBE  to keep up with all of my other Halloween and Fall themed content that are coming this month!

Have any suggestions on some Halloween make up you would like for me to try? Leave me a comment down below!! And with that, I hope that you enjoy my video and I am sorry about that annoying gum! I didn't even realize I had it until midway and it drove me bananas!!!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

LovelyParis is now LIVE | So Excited

I'm so excited to announce that LovleyParis' website is now LIVE and ready to be visited! I have spent days making it look great and I still need to add pages and other things to it, but it is ready to be seen by all of you guys!

I have been working on some templates to put for sale and you can see them on the website soon. I cannot wait for you guys to see the rest of the templates that I have done and I really hope that you all like them. Lovely Paris is back and better than ever and I am thrilled. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something great! 

What can you find on the website?
Lots of Gold and Pink! I feel like those two colors are very popular at the moment and they are also my favorite ( hint: the colors of my blogs too ! ). You will also see a modern twist to it. Stylish and clean but also cute.You can also see our prices when it comes to Custom Designs and our Premium Blogger Templates. Also, you will be able learn a little bit about how I decided to start LovelyParis Designs and all about m.! I will also have a blog all about LovelyParis and designs and tutorials on how to add things to your blog to make them shine.

I will probably end up re designing it like a thousand times like I do with my blog all the time, but it keeps things interesting right?

Well, If you want to know anything else about LovelyParis Designs, then just leave me a comment and make sure to visit our site which is still sort of in the works ( need to get a domain name and all of that ). So yes, Im a really excited and if you need any add ons to your blog or a make over, Let Me Know! 

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Re Launch of LovelyParis Designs

Hello People!
So If you have seen my blog in the past then you might have seen that I started my own design company thing and I started selling on etsy. I started doing custom designs for free at the beginning when I was still learning and now that I have mastered it, I am now selling Templates. It was difficult at first to figure out how to sell templates on Etsy, how to get them to work properly, have the right codes, and just make them cute, elegant and just have good ideas and be creative with them. 

I have taken so many breaks from designing and seem to find myself coming back to it. I love it and I can sit on my computer all day perfecting them and making multiple templates at once. It is so fun to be able to be creative online and being able to share that with people, but at the same time it is a lot of hard work. Having time is the most important thing and I just haven't made time for designing properly, but like I said I always seem to come back to it. 

What Now?
Well, I am really going to focus more on designing and making some pretty great templates. I plan on doing a lot of different things and finding ways to improve my designing when it comes to HTML codes and Photoshop/Illustrator.  I want my blog to be diverse in content and I think this is going to be one great thing to share with you all. With doing template giveaways and just being more interactive with you, the audience and we all like giveaways right?

How have I improved?
When I started everything I designed was purely image based. So every little thing on the blog was images and the blogger couldn't really do much with it. Now everything is code-based. Everything is either found on the EDIT HTML section of the template or widget codes added to the layout. The colors, fonts, widths, heights, ect. can be altered with the proper knowledge of where these codes can be found ( and its really not that difficult ). I have gotten more familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator and have been able to improve my designs by a lot! Also, I have found great codes and gadgets to add to a blog to make them a bit more unique. From hover image effects to custom search buttons. It has taken a great deal of time to learn all of this, but when you are really interested in something you will do anything to learn and get better at it. 

How Did I learn all of this? 
A lot, A lot of research, studying codes and even more trial and error. It really tests your patience especially when codes don't work properly or things just don't look right. I have spent hours and hours finding the best codes and watching videos to help me get to where I am. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help starting designers get better and if it wasn't for them, I don't think I would have kept going with designing. Also, I have a lot of Editing blogs where I test new codes, designs and fonts to be able to master it all down. So when I finally felt like I was ready ( which is now), I decided to re launch a whole new and improved LovelyParis Designs. This time, for real. I started to slack when it came to finishing designs and customer service, but now I have my feet on the ground and willing to do what ever it takes to insure 100% satisfaction with my designs.

Where Can You Find LovelyParis Designs?
I will be launching a website within the next few days where you can contact me, see previous designs along with some new once, find out how to purchase add- ons such as "Welcome" images, custom search bars, custom headers, social media buttons (with/without hover effect), and more! You can also find my templates on Just search "LovelyParis Designs" and you should be able to find me. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about blog designs or anything pertaining to designs. Just shoot me an email, I am happy to help. 

I can not wait to share with you all my designs and codes to improve your blogs!
Thanks for stopping by and I will see you all next time!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life of A Student & Blogger | A Happy Blog

Hello Loves!
I know I haven't posted in a while but with my busy school and work schedule and my laziness it has become sort of difficult to find the time to just sit down and write or do stuff for my blog. But how do you keep going? I know that there are things that you must do with your life, but what if this is the thing that makes you the happiest? So I have figured it out ( for myself that is). We all have different schedules and a lot of you do this, but I just never have a set schedule. But enough is enough. If this is what makes you happy, like it does to me, then you will do anything to do it. So here is what I have set out for myself to do ( I haven't started but I'm going to TOMORROW). If you have a hard time sitting down and blogging or doing what you love, then try this with me.

1. Set a Time and Date:
We all say we don't have the time, but lets make the time! Set a date and a time of day that you know that you will not be busy and just do it. Its hard sometimes to just think "Uh, I don't want to, Im tired!" and that is what I do all the time, but I will no longer do that. 

2. Plan your post/videos
We all have a difficult time thinking of creative things to make post or videos about, and most of the time we do videos or do post that others have posted, but don't worry if it has been done, because I can guarantee you that not 2 videos about the same topic will be the same. Everyone has their different personalities and techniques and every video/post has its own identity. So if you have an idea, just do it! Make it your own and well... OWN IT! :)

3. Have Fun!
I know that when it comes to my content, I tend to overthink them. I am not sure if its a good idea or not and I end up not doing it, or I have a great Idea but not the energy or resources to make it so. NO MORE! To have a great blog/channel you have to put your heart and soul into making it what you want it to be and your effort will be reflected in your content. Make it your fun, have fun. Remember your blog and your post are YOURS. If you have fun making it or find it interesting, then do it. Don;t worry on what others think or comment because if you think about it , they go through the trouble of going to your blog/channel, reading your post or seeing your videos and then going through the effort of leaving hate, and you just had fun making your content! So no matter the idea, just have fun with it. If this is what you love to do, then there is nothing that should stop you!

Now that I have said all that! Here is one of my favorite outfits. The watch goes with everything and the flowers just make it so cute and gives my outfit just a little sparkle. 
Then my shoes. These shoes are my favorite pair of shoes. I love how comfortable they are and how BRIGHT they are too! The tiger just gives the shoe a little attitude which we all need in our life from time to time!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and NO MORE SLACKING for me!
I will be making videos soon when I get my shhhh together :)

I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you guys next time!!

Make sure to check out my Youtube Channel at the top and My weekly favorites!!



Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Curled Extentions | Make Up Look

Hello Loves!
Today I am posting a video on how I get my hair into these big curls with my extensions in. I decided to dye my hair dark again because It looks a little bit less damaged when it is darker and the blonde was really starting to look a bit bad in the back. But anyway, a while back I did a post on how I got my hair extensions in and a lot of you seemed to like it so this time I put a video together with a really easy make up look! 

I hope that you enjoy this video and please subscribe to my channel!


August Birchbox Review | First One!

Hello Everyone! 
I finally got in the loop with a subscription box, Birchbox.  I was so excited to receive it and I think I checked the mail for it like everyday this week until it finally came! I didn't know what to expect when I received it, and when I opened it I just got super excited and wanted to try it all in one go. Finally, I sat down and tried them and here is what I thought about them!
Whish Shave Cream- Acai Grapefruit
Okay. So I really needed to shave my legs so it was the perfect time to try this. I put a bit of shaving cream on one leg and then covered the whole other leg in the Whish Shaving Cream. It was easy for the razor to glide on my skin, but once I rinsed my leg with water after I finished it wasn't as smooth as the bottle said it would be. Instead of my hand gliding smoothly up my leg when I felt for the smoothness it just kind of got stuck and it felt strange ( I don't know if that makes sense or not haha). But once I dried my legs it was soft! So at first I was a bit iffy on it but then I liked the softness it left after I dried my legs, so don't be alarmed when you rinse your legs and its not smooth like I did :).
LAQA & CO. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil
This taste like peppermint ! It has a really nice flavor which is sometimes hard to find when looking for a lipstick. I like how you can twist the bottom and more will come up too. The color is a soft coral color which I really like since I don't own anything like it. I also like that its not one of those really slippery glossy once that I normally have, but it sits more as if it was a chap stick. 
Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner
When it comes to eyeliners I am really picky! But this one is waterproof?! I put it one early on in the day today, went to the gym and it was still one! It was great. It has vitamin E which gives it a A+ from me. 
Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance
To be honest, at first I though it smelled a little funny. But once I kept smelling it I liked it and now I love it. Its one of those smells that you have to sort of get use to, but it was really good. I put it one about an hour or so ago and I can still smell it. I know that I have trouble finding perfumes that last a while and this one has lasted for a little while which is always good!

Make sure to check out Birchbox for only $10 a month. They send you a lot of great goodies and it is so fun to know that you receive a little gift every month!

Hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you guys next time!
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