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Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog Design GIVE-AWAY!

Hi Hi!!
So as you may have read( or not, thats okay :P ), I did do blog designs, but then stopped. 
I took sometime to really learn my stuff and also I started school so I don't have time to do a lot of designing. But, I decided "Hey, why not do just one more and make it fun?!"I really do miss designing blogs for all of you lovely people so why not?! so here it goes!!

So I have decided to do a little bit of a contest! Here are the rules: 

1. Email me at (Ill be checking right away!)
        > Tell me why your blog deserves to have an amazing make over
        > Leave me your blog URL so I can see your blog!!
2. I'll pick 2 blogs that REALLY need a makeover!! Also, I hope you like something CRAZY( when I say crazy I mean something fun and different, not weird crazy haha!)  for your design because I've been feeling REALLY creative lately!!

3. If I do pick YOU then I will then ask you what it is that you are looking for in your blog design!!
           > Colors, Background Colors, Fonts, Social Media Buttons, "Grab a Button"

4. If you do get picked, and you receive your blog design from me, all I need is a post saying who made your blog design, my links and THATS IT!!

This is something made to be FUN, so if you don't get picked, and your blog does need help, I might email you back in the summer when I start designing freely so don't get mad!!  

5. Let's have fun with this, I want to make a crazy cool blog design( but also something you like) ! So I hope you enter!!! only.

Sensible Stylista
Sew Stylish Rhae

Thanks to everyone who entered!!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vlog 2 | UCarnival Indian Fashion Fiesta!

So I decided to make another vlog(so proud of myself) and this time my friend Jessica and I decided to try a new fashion adventure and take on a bit of India close to home!!
Go and See:)

Hope you enjoyed it!!
Thanks to that cool lady for wrapping me in a beautiful Saree! 

See you Later Alligators!!

P.S -  Next post won't be a vlog.. promise! :)
and yay to my 100th blog post! 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Vlog! :)

So as promised, no more depressing post and here is my first vlog (that I actually decided to upload after many attempts)! My friend Jessica and I decided to attend a little party at one of our local Nail Salons were they celebrated "Diva Day". It was such a fun day full of fun and so here are is a vlog about it. Warned: Its not the best because I am still learning how to vlog :)
So here it is!! 
"Vlog 1 | Colour Nail Bar Day "Diva Day" |

'Till Next Time


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dealing with things | Anxiety


So today I really just felt like writing. I started this blog just so I can vent and let my feelings out, but I felt like I wanted to add more to it. Today, however I wanted to just talk and I don't know of who will read this since it's boring, but it will help me feel a lot better.

These past couple of days- starting school and all- has been really difficult.  Starting it has been so rough that I am not even sure if school is the right choice for me. I am the type of girl that thinks about things too long, and instead of letting them go I hold on to them and they sit in my mind and turn into something so extreme that it bothers me so much that I cant sleep. I wish I could control this, but its easier said than done. My mind plays tricks on me, telling me things that I don't even know where they come from, but it happens. Because of all of this, I tend to get so nervous, because my mind keeps running which makes me anxious, I can't sleep, and can't breathe. This has been a rough couple of days to be honest, I don't know why it started to happen all of a sudden, but it has been driving me crazy.

I really can't say how it all started, why this happens because I am still trying to figure it out as well. And to make it all worse, Wednesday I had to give a presentation in from on my class and I could barely talk. I was shaking and to be honest, I don't remember any of it. I only remember saying that I was bad a public speaking and that is all I really remember, I was that nervous. My stomach started hurting, my head began to spin, and I felt short of breath. It was so embarrassing because I just started that class and I wanted to make a good impression, but that didn't happen. I have always been sort of a nervous/shy person, but I could handle the speaking in front of people and what not, but this week I felt defeated by my own mind and nerves, and I wish I could stop it.

I do feel better since I did back at the beginning of the week, but It hasn't been easy. A lot of baths, soothing music, teas, and just trying to get some sleep have been a few of my remedies to this thing. I have been trying to stay positive, relax and just not worry about things, but my mind is a little bit crazy. This- typing- has actually made me feel some kind of relief, and I hope that if you have bad anxiety or panic attacks, just to remember that you are in control of your mind, and that your mind is not in control of you. This isn't an easy things to deal with, but I know that I can get better if I try and not let it control me as it has been doing the past few days. I know what I am and I know that I can get through this. It wont be easy, but I now know that before a panic attack or I feel anxious about anything, that I just need to collect my thoughts and just take a step back from everything.

Phew, I feel a lot better by just letting everything flow out of my head. I am going to post this, and if you did read this than thank you. I just typed this to make me feel a bit better and it has. So yeah.
Don't worry, my next post won't be so depressing, I promise.

Till Next Time,


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maxi Dress Love

Hello everyone!!
Today I decided to put on my favorite 2 maxi dresses and go to the park and just have some fun with pictures. It is a little cold here in Texas, but I really didn't care because it was such a beautiful day outside so I decided to just go for it ! So enjoy :)

Dresses from: Charming Charlie
Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did taking them!!
'Till Next Time


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Remove Border on Images (No Code to Add)

Hello Dear Reader!!
So I go to SOO many different blogs everyday and see everyone trying to find a way to remove the annoying background on the pictures on their blogs, and I am here to show you how to remove that annoying background!! Its REALLY EASY!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Projects!

Hello My Dear Readers!

So I am really excited to say that I am going to start a new project on a blog and YouTube channel called "Fashion Confetti". 

One of my friends decided to start something fresh and new and I think its going to be BIG and really fun. I can't wait to start it out and for everyone to see all of the amazing things we have planned. We are going to do some amazing things not for us but for all of you. 

We are going to start REALLY soon so make sure to stay tuned and I can't wait to share this with you all. 
I am going to be doing a lot over on both blogs so I am really excited!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.
and I cant wait to blog my  out!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Blog Designs

Hello Readers
So as you may or may not know, for the last couple of months I have been designing blogs for free just because I felt that everyone deserves a beautiful and attractive looking blog. It was so much fun to be able to design blogs for everyone and doing them was seriously therapeutic for me. But, some people decided to take advantage of me and I really didn't appreciate it. It sucks really because I loved helping all of you lovely girls out on making your blog look amazing, but I also didn't have the experience needed to be able to do them correctly, and with school coming up and more big projects in the way, I don't think I will be able to do them all. So yeah, maybe during the summer I will start doing them again and maybe I will be able to really know how to do them first and then design them for you all.

I really thank everyone that let me design your blogs, and If I am designing your blogs right now, don't worry, I am working on the right now and will give them to you, I won't leave you all hangin'!

It was fun being able to spark up your blogs, but for now, I am going to just finish the once I am working on and take a hiatus. And hey, I might have more time to blog!!

And that is all I wanted to say on the topic. 
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

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