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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exciting Stuff ! | LovelyParis Designs

Hello Lovely People!
It is a late post, but I have to say this!
I started to design for sure. Instead of creating a website I will be selling templates on Etsy, and I created a blog just for LovelyParis Designs just so I can post different updates on designs and maybe some Blog DIY! I am really excited because I have learned so much ( by myself and a lot of research and trial and error! ), but I can wait! So to promote this new chapter, I am doing another FREE BLOG DESIGN GIVEAWAY!! Last time was a success to say the least and I just LOVED meeting so many great bloggers through this and what better way to meet people than to make an important part of them (their blogs) SPARKLE! So please help me celebrate this new design company that I have created and enter my giveaway! Now, I wont be posting the rules on here, but make sure to check out the LovelyParis Blog to find out how to enter!

Oh! First Rule of the contest is to follow THIS blog on Google Friend Connect! 

So with that said, Come check out LovelyParis Designs

Have fun and good luck to the people that enter!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Charmed Out | Spring Dress

Hello Everyone!!
Soooo I am at it again, with being obsessed with everything Charming Charlie! 
Everything in these pictures can be found either at their stores or online.
From the earrings down to the shoes!
Now if you want a closer look at my jewelry you can look at them 

Now, I wanted to say that to me fashion isn't about following trends because instead of being myself I am following someone else and thats just not how I roll :). I have so many different styles and I love being different everyday. I love changing things up (just like my blog design). So with that said, here is my favorite Charming Charlie outfit from head to toe!!

Oh, make sure to check out my friend Jessica's blog, Fashion Confetti. 
She just started out but she has great potential ! And I snapped some pictures of her for her blog 

Have an AMAZING day!! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chuck Chucks Bracelet

Hello Everyone!! 
So today I decided to have some fun and go to the park and take some pictures. 
I always love going to the park and taking pictures, just haven't had the time and my friend who always comes with me has been busy also, but anyways, I got a lovely gift from the people of Chuck Chucks which is a leather bracelet with interchangeable pieces to make them your own style and make every outfit pop! And I got to say, it has been a hit at work !! Every time I wear it out, people love it and I love it too!! 

I decided to make a darker outfit because I think that leather on leather would look cool and it actually did.  I actually do really like it and i forgot to change them and take a picture with my other ones, but they are just as cute, and they have a lot of different ones! I love that they have a watch.
SOOOOO, if you love this as much as I do or want more information ect. go to
and if you enter mariaisabel1 you get 50% off !!

So go get your Chuck Chucks now!!
They are sooo different and look super good on.
I hope that you enjoyed this post and pay the lovely people over at Chuck Chucks a visit!!
you can also find them here!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Charming Charlie Goodies | Reposted

So this weekend was Associate Appreciation Week at work which means that we got 40% of our purchase when we bought things from work (Charming Charlie) and yes, I am now broke, but I was really excited to be able to set these outfits together and show you how cute the things I got are!!! So, with that said...
 ENJOY!! :)

Houndstooth Printed Leggings: $15 (Charming Charlie)

Love these!! They are so comfortable!

Necklace: Clearance price: $7.99

Bubble Necklace: Was $20.00 NOW $10.00!!

Chevron Print Dress: $35.00
 Gold Sequence Tank: $35.00


Brown Wedges: Clearance Price: $14.99 !

Gold Leaf Headband: $10.00

LOVE THEM! And they are very comfortable!

Brown Purse: Markdown to: $29.00
Looks like a Michael Kors! 

This necklace I did not get at Charming Charlie. I got this at Forever 21, but I put it on there because it
has that aqua color in it as well!! 
Necklace: $20.00

 This necklace comes in SO many colors and it is very popular!
Love it :)

The boots I did not get at Charming Charlie, but I did get them the same day at Payless
for around $30.00!

I hope that you like them as much as I do, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Charming Charlie Haul | Part 1 (Maybe!)

Hello Everyone!!
So as you know by now, half of my paycheck I get from work goes back to my job, because I love to buy things from my work! Charming Charlie has such amazing gorgeous things and if you don't get it fast the chances of it being there in a couple of days is very low.  This weekend is Associate Appreciation so that means discount, and on top of that they sent me a birthday coupon because my birthday was 2 days ago, and the coupon was for $10.00 off!! So this was the perfect birthday present, so thanks Charming Charlie, I love you too! :) I might be getting some more things, but I am still trying to decide if its a good idea, but for now, I wanted to show you all what I got!! 
Gold Leaf Earrings: $6.00
 Gold and Mint Earrings: $8.00
 Cheetah Print Sunglasses: $9.00
 Mint Braided Necklace: $13.00
 Coral Chevron Print Top: $19.00
Dress: $39.00 ? 

I love my work place and I hope that you all enjoy this!
We have an online store so if you want any of these cute things come 
check it out here!!

(Free shipping to orders over $50!!)

Thanks for stopping by and I am on spring break so more post soon!!


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