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Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Away | Home Bound

 Hello Everybody!
So this weekend I decided to get away and head home for the weekend. I haven't seen my friends since November and I really missed them ALOT! We all grew up together so it was so nice to get together and remember all of the things we use to do when we were younger and just have a really good time together.  My friend Alex, front right has a little sister who is a senior in High School and we went to see her dance team show. It was so much fun and it was nice to see my old high school. It was weird not knowing who anyone there was and made me feel like I graduate ages ago (just 2 years ago). I loved being able to see a couple of familiar faces though. I wish I would have taken more pictures though, but I just wanted to be able to enjoy my time with them! I can't wait to see them again and I hope that it will be soon. They are honestly the nicest girls ever who are so dedicated to God and are so full of faith, its amazing and I am glad to have such awesome friends!
This is Sami! We have matching sunglasses (she loves Charming Charlie as much as I do !)
This is Brittni! Not a new face on the blog :) That day (the day of the dance show) we were in charge of reserving seats! We made signs, made sure Vanessa (the dancer) was looking pretty, and that everything was ready for her performance. We felt like 2 proud mamas! :)
My old High School <3
This is Vanessa! She is so sweet and she did an amazing job at her dance. We were so proud and emotional lol.
Vanessa's Solo from Maria Isabel on Vimeo.
This deliciousness is from a restaurant called Gennaro's. It is somewhere in the hill country, but it is real authentic Italian food. It is really yummy and if you go, make sure to ask for Alex as your waitress she is pretty awesome :)
Here we all are starting from the left it is Sami, behind her is Alex, in the front is Vanessa, back right is Brittni and I am in the corner right! I can even express how awesome my friends are. I am so happy to still call them my best friends even when we don't see each other for ages, we still remember old times and make new memories and its like we have never left. I love y'all!!

Thanks for coming by, and I hope that you all have an amazing week!
OH!! And school is almost over! I am so excited :)

(Funny Video!!)

'Till Next Time Lovelies!!



  1. Love you! We have to do this more often! Next time in Waco and then in Houston!

    1. Love you too!! And yes, next time at Waco :) !! <3


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