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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hair & Make Up | Prom Influenced

Hello Everyone!
So If you scroll a little bit down, you will see that my last post consisted of a prom inspired hair. This post is all about hair AND make up! 
This make up consisted of a lot of contouring under the eyes to the temples of my cheeks.  Then with some light bronzer I highlighted right under the cheekbones and around the hairline. I decided to keep it simple and do some cat eyes, and no eyeshadow. For the lips, I just did a light pink lipgloss. I kept the make up soft and simple, just like to give the whole look a natural look. 

The hair!! For the hair it was very simple! I just put a headband on (on top of the hair) and grabbed the loose hair and just kept tucking it into the headband. I tucked a lot just to keep it tight! It gave the look sort of a 1920s look which I am OBSESSED with! This is such a fun and flirty look for any occasion really. Prom or even a nice date :). This is one of my favorite looks just because it's more on the softer side. 
Hope you like it!
And that's it!
I love doing things like this and finding new make up styles. 
Have fun with whatever you do!

Have an AMAZING week!!
'Until Next Time



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