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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Formal Make Up | Video

Hello People!

So for todays post I decided to film another video showing you all a more formal make up look. This look was inspired for a wedding that I will go to later in the month and wanted to have a nice idea of how I wanted to do my make up. I went for a really subtle look and kept it nice and sweet, nothing crazy. Wedding days are always sort of rushed so this look was perfect for when you need to hurry!

Hope you enjoy and please subscribe!



  1. really pretty makeup, looks just yay I'm going to go check out your videos later tonight :)
    xx A

  2. Found you through The Sunny Scenery, and wanted to drop by and say hi! :)

    I already watched your video from this post, and I loved it. I subscribed to your channel, and I can't wait to see more from you! Do you have a Bloglovin' account? I'd love to follow you! :)

    Hope ♡ |

    1. Hey Hope! Thank you that means alot :)
      and yes my bloglovin is

      Thanks again!!

    2. whoo hoo!!! Friends all around!!!

    3. lol Thanks !
      and YAY! love making new friends ;)
      Thanks Miss Sunny :)

  3. literally GORG! I love the smoky eye, it really compliments your features!

  4. I love the way you describe how to make up as well the way you film your videos!
    definitely your new followers on GFC, Facebook and Twitter ! :)
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page


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