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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Puerto Rico | The Wedding

Hello Everyone. 
It has been a couple of days since I last posted and it is all because I have been helping my cousin get married! From decorating to doing the programs for the service to doing make up and hair it has been one busy week! I can't believe my sissy got married. It was such an emotional day but full of smiles. I had an amazing time helping and being able to attend her wedding and be part of it! So without getting to emotional and cry, here are all the pictures I ( and help form my dad ) were able to take. 
The beautiful bride Victoria
The Bride's sister (yes, sister! ) and my amazingly gorgeous cousin Patricia.
 With the bride's brother's girlfriend the amazing and cute Laura and Patricia!
 Bride's little brother, Gustavo
Bride's brothers Joaquin and Gustavo
Bridesmaids from Left to Right: Paola, Me!, Claudia and Alba

Brides new husband, Emmanuel! (bow tie) and her older brother Raul (Laura's Boyfriend haha).
 Oh, our amazing grandfather married them!
My amazing amazing cousin Ricky. He will be a church pastor soon.
Patricia and her boyfriend Walbert
With Zelideth!

I love this girl so much! We are so close and so alike its sometimes scary!
I am so happy for her new chapter in her life and wish her nothing but the best!
I love you Victoria!

Hope you have an amazing week and vlogs are coming soon!!
I'll be home Thursday so normal videos will start again YAY!

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