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Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Curled Extentions | Make Up Look

Hello Loves!
Today I am posting a video on how I get my hair into these big curls with my extensions in. I decided to dye my hair dark again because It looks a little bit less damaged when it is darker and the blonde was really starting to look a bit bad in the back. But anyway, a while back I did a post on how I got my hair extensions in and a lot of you seemed to like it so this time I put a video together with a really easy make up look! 

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August Birchbox Review | First One!

Hello Everyone! 
I finally got in the loop with a subscription box, Birchbox.  I was so excited to receive it and I think I checked the mail for it like everyday this week until it finally came! I didn't know what to expect when I received it, and when I opened it I just got super excited and wanted to try it all in one go. Finally, I sat down and tried them and here is what I thought about them!
Whish Shave Cream- Acai Grapefruit
Okay. So I really needed to shave my legs so it was the perfect time to try this. I put a bit of shaving cream on one leg and then covered the whole other leg in the Whish Shaving Cream. It was easy for the razor to glide on my skin, but once I rinsed my leg with water after I finished it wasn't as smooth as the bottle said it would be. Instead of my hand gliding smoothly up my leg when I felt for the smoothness it just kind of got stuck and it felt strange ( I don't know if that makes sense or not haha). But once I dried my legs it was soft! So at first I was a bit iffy on it but then I liked the softness it left after I dried my legs, so don't be alarmed when you rinse your legs and its not smooth like I did :).
LAQA & CO. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil
This taste like peppermint ! It has a really nice flavor which is sometimes hard to find when looking for a lipstick. I like how you can twist the bottom and more will come up too. The color is a soft coral color which I really like since I don't own anything like it. I also like that its not one of those really slippery glossy once that I normally have, but it sits more as if it was a chap stick. 
Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner
When it comes to eyeliners I am really picky! But this one is waterproof?! I put it one early on in the day today, went to the gym and it was still one! It was great. It has vitamin E which gives it a A+ from me. 
Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance
To be honest, at first I though it smelled a little funny. But once I kept smelling it I liked it and now I love it. Its one of those smells that you have to sort of get use to, but it was really good. I put it one about an hour or so ago and I can still smell it. I know that I have trouble finding perfumes that last a while and this one has lasted for a little while which is always good!

Make sure to check out Birchbox for only $10 a month. They send you a lot of great goodies and it is so fun to know that you receive a little gift every month!

Hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you guys next time!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Miranda Kerr Inspired Look | Video

Hello Everyone!
For today's post I am sharing with you all my favorite Miranda Kerr look. She is probably my favorite celebrity/model or whatever and so I wanted to try and re create one of her looks. I put my own little twist on it so its not the exact same thing and besides I dont really look like her haha! 
But here is my video and I hope that you enjoy it !

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Current Favorite Outfits | LookBook

Hello Loves!
I am home and really excited to get back to the daily routine of blogging and making videos!
This is a new video my friend, Sarai help me put together of some of my current favorite outfits.
I hope that you enjoy and below the video are my outfits and where I got them.

Shirt: Charming Charlie
Shorts: "5,7,9" I think. They were a gift
Necklace: Styles for Less
Dress and Necklace: Charming Charlie
Bandana: Wal-mart for $1.00
Crop Top: Styles For Less
Pants: IDK they were also a gift!

I really hope you enjoyed this little lookbook and I will see you guys soon!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Puerto Rico | My Last 2 Days

Hello Everyone!
I am writing from the comfort of my own bedroom in my lovely home in Texas. It's crazy I never realized that you can miss your house so much from your bed to even your TV. Maybe it's just me.
The last two days in Puerto Rico were very VERY interesting actually. We headed to one of my favorite places in the world, but It was so packed that we couldn't actually see it. Then somehow I ended up on the set of the Disney Movie Teen Beach Movie 2, called Making Waves. It was super crazy. 
For the 2nd to last day, we were all packed into my uncles Jeep (which was really cool) and we drove around the beaches, I took tons of pictures and we went to a lot different little places to eat. 
This is my cousin Gabriel. He is pretty awesome, hilarious and has an amazing singing voice. I love him to pieces and it was with him that I went to the set of the movie.
The next day we went to his (Gabriel) university and he showed me around. It was really fun to see his school and also see his auditorium where he performs and holds concerts!
That same day we went to the coast and took a lot of amazing pictures.
Look at these crazy fish we saw in a pond at the outside of an art museum!
And this cute Jeep!
Please add credit if you are reposting this picture. Thanks. 

Okay. Now for the coolest part of all!
So, my cousin Gabe wanted to show me this really pretty place in San Juan to take pictures, and to get in we had to stop by a security guard. We rolled down the window and she asked if we were there for the movie. We had no idea what she was talking about so we just said yes haha! We then found ourselves on the set of a movie and we had no idea which one it was. We looked around for a while and even heard the director say "Action!" and saw part of the movie on a screen! It was amazing. I still couldn't see who was in the movie. And then I found a badge that said the name of the movie. Once I saw that I kind of though it was a Disney movie but had no idea what it was going on. 
Please add credit if you are reposting this picture. Thanks. 

Please add credit if you are reposting this picture. Thanks. 
Then, I remember this familiar face from Ally and AJ? I had to think long and hard for his name and I couldn't figure it out, I looked it up on IMDB and found out! His name is Ross Lynch and he is also part of a band called R5. The craziest part was that I posted this picture I took of him on Instagram and it went CRAZY!! People were stealing it and re posting it and it went ALL OVER THE INTERNET! Hahaha I was freaking out because people were freaking out that It was my picture and that they should give me credit. And I apparently confirmed a haircut?! That was the caption I read to almost all the repost of my picture! It was insane. And it got so many retweets and favorites on Twitter too!! Oh my goodness! It was very interesting! 

But then, we left and headed home. It was a really fun day and over all a really fun trip. I can't wait to go back and visit my family again and just enjoy it as much as I did this time that I spent over there. I am glad to be home and I can't wait to start making normal videos and more beauty and fashion posts now that I am home. I am not looking forward to working though. I am still in vacation mode.

Well, that's about it for today. I hope that you all have a great weekend and please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I might be making a video about my trip (summary) and talk about being on set of the movie! 

See You very Soon!!
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