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Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Templates, New Look | Designs

Hello Everyone!
So after a long while of not being able to sit down and design new templates, I have finally finished TWO new templates for the store.
I love being able to create templates and I wish time permitted me to do so more often. Designing templates is very therapeutic for me. Sit down on my bed, laptop, headphones in and just design. Its crazy how fast time goes by when I design too. I can start at 5pm, design and look up at the time and it will be 12am. Time does go by fast when you are having fun. Anyways, on to the templates. 

Free Carolina Template - $35.00.
Free Carolina has to be one of my favorite templates that I have created. Creating this template was a lot of fun. Gold and a soft pink give this template a calm and fun look. I added a lot of gypsy-inspired art into it as well. Throughout the template, you will see arrows, stars, and geometric shapes. The font used for the header, welcome image and the pinterest hover button is my favorite font ever. After searching endlessly for a good brush/handwriting font, I finally found it. This is the "Madina" font from Creative Market. I like it so much I changed my header and LovelyParis' header to that font as well. This template is perfect for any blogger. I hope you like it as well. 

Addicted to Makeup Template- $20.00
This makeup inspired template is based more around the header more than anything else. I wanted to give make up lovers a cute and make up themed template with a great little make up header. So when you get to that blog, you instantly know that it is a make up blog. This template also has a cute welcome image with a kiss on it, which can also be found on the Pinterest hover image. This template is a cute and minimal template, and I hope that make up lovers like it! :)

And those are the two newest templates to my shop. I am working on a lot more and finding new ways to make them better along with making it easy for you to install and set up all by yourself. I am creating guides and instructions and they will all be up soon at 


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