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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Workout Routine | Videos and Links

It has been a couple of months since I started working out and I have started to fall in love with it. It was so hard for me to actually go work out, but there came a day where I just didn't feel happy with the way I looked and my doctor also recommended it to help with my anxiety and to sleep a little better at night so I gave it a proper go. Now, I can't go a day without going to the gym. 

So, This is my routine for the week when I go to the gym and the things I use before and after my workout.
Before I start my work out I usually take a pre workout called NLA Uplift which is for women. This pre work out helps you attack your workouts with intensity, focus, giving you sustained energy that helps you to push your body to a whole new level. I have tried a lot of pre workouts and this one is one of the best ones that I have tried and it is specifically for women. I take this 20-30 minutes before my workout until I feel a little tingling sensation and I can start my routine. 

Mondays & Wednesdays
For these two days I like to focus more on my legs and glutes. This is my favorite things to work out and the one that I like to focus on the most. But, before I get started on my routine,  I like to do a mile on the treadmill. I usually just power walk on  4.1 speed and at a 4.0 incline. Then I start doing my leg work outs. I am usually at the gym about an hour to and hour and a half. Below are some videos of some the machines that I use and how to use them. 

Tuesdays & Fridays:
These two days I focus a bit more on arms and abs. I like to do more arms than abs. Lately it has been sort of a struggle for me to do a lot of ab workouts because I have stomach conditions, but I try to do as much as I can. Anyways, I love doing arms as much as I do legs, and here are some of the things that I do at the gym to workout my arms and back.

Full Arm, Shoulder, Back Workouts (most of the exercises in this video are ones that I do)

I like to keep this routine going as much as I can. After my workouts I like to stretch and head into the sauna for about 15-20 minutes. For an after workout drink, I take ISO 100 Hyrdolyzed which is a protein I take. My resting days are Thurdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and I also eat as healthy as I can, but I do have my cheat days or have a couple of drinks on the weekends, but nothing way over the top. All in moderation.

I hope that you found this post helpful! If you workout and have some cool workouts, protein drinks or anything that you do or use, please let me know in the comments below!!


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